Welcome to PSC

There is simply no place in the world like summer camp. To create an environment where children can grow and mature, be surrounded by positive role models, all while having the time of their lives is not only important for our children’s development — it’s central to it.

The impact that summer camp has on children is fundamental to our commitment to provide not only a camp of value – with incredible fun, trips, activities, and events – but also one that instills human values. We like to say that campers may leave camp but camp will never leave them. At Pocono Springs, we take every opportunity to teach our campers the importance of paying respect and showing appreciation for others, encourage them to build skills and approach everything with heart and soul, and to live in a community with a sense of the importance of caring for others.

Everything contained in the Current Families section of our website is designed with you in mind. We aim to make staying up-to-date on all things Pocono Springs and getting your child ready for camp is as easy as possible.

As always, feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.


Scott Leonard & Annie Copp