How long will I be at camp?

The majority of staff will be at camp for 6 weeks (1 Week of Training + 5 Weeks of Camp). Some exceptions may apply depending on the activity you are teaching, as there may be extra training or sessions you must attend in order to fulfill your job responsibilities.

There may also be opportunities to come to camp earlier or stay later. If you are interested in extending your employment here at Pocono Springs beyond the 6-weeks of summer camp, there are many different aspects of Pocono Springs where your services may be needed.

What are my daily responsibilities as a counselor?

Whether you are a general cabin counselor or an activities counselor, your primary duty every day is to ensure the happiness, safety, and well-being of each and every camper.

As a general cabin counselor, you go to 3 activity periods in the mornings with your campers, ensuring each activity is tailored to the personalities of your campers and that they are all having a great time building strong bonds with each other along the way. In the afternoon, you will have an assigned activity to help teach for the individual programming portion of our program.

As an activities counselor you will be assigned to certain activities each day, where you will be responsible for the instruction of the skills for that area, as well as the safety and enjoyment of the campers. You may be assigned to various program areas, wherever your energy and enthusiasm are needed!

All counselors who live with campers are integral in the daily lives of campers, from wake up until lights out, ensuring that they are always feeling loved, taken care of, and having fun!

Do we get free time while at camp?

Absolutely! We understand how important it is for staff to have time off to recharge, take care of themselves, and have social time with each other. You will get the time off you need to do so; however, it is vital you come with the mindset that being a camp counselor is an incredibly tough yet rewarding job that is 24/7. When counselors are not on duty, they can relax with friends in the evenings from 10:00 PM to 12:30 PM. Every staff member will also have a period off during most programming days, as well as four, 30-hour days off throughout the 6-week session of employment.

Where will I sleep during my summer at Pocono Springs Camp?

Counselors will live in one of our new cabins with eight to 10 campers and one or two co-counselors. Out-of-cabin staff such as nurses, office staff, activity directors, and group leaders will live in private or semi-private cabins shared with other staff members.

Will I have access to technology, like my cell phone and computer, to keep in touch with friends and family during the summer?

Camp is an incredible opportunity to “unplug” and is an environment where we can model to each other and our campers that we can thrive without electronics. It is important that staff take this opportunity whole-heartedly. Cell phones and computers are not allowed in cabins with campers present; however, we also understand staying connected to loved ones is very important. Therefore, staff can store their electronics in the staff lounge and have access to these devices and to Wi-Fi during their designated time-off each day. Ultimately, we encourage using your summer as an opportunity to connect with others, yourselves, and with the outdoors.

When you look for staff to work at camp, what exactly are you looking for?

First and foremost, we are looking for role models who have a passion for working with children and are committed to seeing campers succeed. Of course, we are also looking to attract staff who have varied skills and can help teach or lead different activity areas in camp. Creativity and dedication to making the best of every day is always a plus!