Health Center Roles


Health Center Roles:

  • Health Center Aide
  • Nurses (RN) and Nurse Practitioners (NP)
  • Physicians Assistant (PA)
  • Physicians

We are a private children’s camp for boys and girls ages 7-15. Our campers stay for five weeks.

At Pocono Springs, we hire a team of medical staff (RN’s, LPN’s) and a full time resident physician (MD) who is on call 24-hours a day. We also hire college students who are typically working toward a degree in the field (Nursing, Pre-Med, OT/SLP/PT, etc.) to work as Health Center Aides in our Health Center. This role is a wonderful resume builder and great “on the job training” working closely with our trained Health Center staff. In this role you will help in a variety of ways in the Health Center, including, but not limited to, administrative work and organization. 

Our nurses rotate through various shifts and assignments. Generally, all nurses who are not on a day off, work during sick call twice daily; the shifts are designed so that at least one nurse is on at all times. Medications are given out at mealtimes in the dining room.
kayaks Workdays vary significantly. There may be days when the caseload is very light and you are able to spend many hours relaxing at your favorite activity area. There may be others when the caseload is heavy and you may be busy all day long.

You should understand that every summer has periods when the nurses are very busy. Being a camp nurse is not a summer vacation, and you should apply only if you are prepared to work hard when needed.

Our population is basically healthy and normal. They will, however, not feel well on occasion. Colds, coughs, sore throats, poison ivy, sprains, strains, cuts and fractures do occur. Patients with serious ailments/injuries are transported to the local hospital.

If you have children, they are welcome to be campers.

The medical staff is very much a part of the overall staff and you would be encouraged to participate in staff and camper activities, and if you desire, use our recreational facilities. There are 5 days off each summer, and the schedule is worked out among the nurses. Uniforms are not required; comfortable camp clothing is suggested.

We hope this outline provides you a better understanding of Pocono Springs and its medical staff.

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