Preliminary Summer Blueprint

With so many “what if’s” surrounding this summer, one thing is certain: Our campers need and want camp more than ever… and Pocono Springs is ready to provide the safest experience possible for your children! We have and will continue to simulate this upcoming summer from every angle, creating new and adjusting existing procedures along the way. As summer 2021 approaches, we will unveil a more formal plan of action, but until then, we hope you find confidence and comfort in the following preliminary blueprint that we have created.

Please keep in mind, our policies and procedures will inevitably evolve over the next 4 months as we see improvement/accessibility to testing, possible lowered community infection rates, and widespread (adult) vaccinations. We strongly believe that we have a solid plan of action that will allow us to run camp as safely as possible without sacrificing any of the activities, traditions and camp spirit that makes Pocono Springs so special.

The PSC Bubble

As a one session, 5-week experience, Pocono Springs has the advantage of executing a “no coming and going” policy. This means that all campers who arrive on day one will finish together on day thirty five (or day 21 for our 3-week Intro Campers), thereby minimizing outside exposure. Our hired staff have committed to staying on property for the full 5-week summer, in addition to a 10 day “quaran-tation” (quarantine + orientation) prior to the start of camp. Once inside the PSC Bubble, campers can expect the activities, traditions and camp spirit that makes Pocono Springs so special.


While our specific testing plan will evolve in conjunction with the latest scientific practices and guidance from health professional partnerships, our intention is to have campers take an at home PCR test (2-3 days) prior to their arrival at camp, on opening day (via PCR + rapid test) and a final follow up PCR test 5-7 days into the camp season.

Pre-Camp Partnership and Expectations

This summer, more than ever, we will lean on you to join us in partnership – especially in the weeks leading up to camp. We ask that families remain extra vigilant during the 10 days preceding camper arrival (June 26th, 2021). Families should not schedule non-essential activities or participate in gatherings that would potentially risk unnecessary exposure. Additionally, families will be expected to complete daily at-home screenings (temperature checks, symptom assessments etc.) for ten days prior to camp which will be reviewed by our Health Center Team.

The First Week of Camp (The Pod Life)

During the first 7-10 days of camp, campers and staff will stay with their own cabin (their “pod”) for all programming and meals. Each pod will directly engage with only those campers and staff in their own pod throughout the day and will follow appropriate mask wearing procedures when social distancing may not be possible. 

Once we have re-tested all campers and staff and the results indicate that we are “all clear” (via post arrival PCR), we will then feel confident that it is safe for campers to interact with other pods. This will permit us to responsibly introduce electives and gatherings into our daily schedule. 


Campers will likely wear masks until we receive the “all clear” from opening day testing (within 24 hours). Once we have that “all clear”, each cabin (“pod”) will not need to wear masks within the bunk and while at their private group activities. 

Our goal is that after our 3rd PCR test (5-7 days into camp), campers will be able to be “maskless” for the majority of their summer, with certain exceptions (i.e. when inside non-bunk communal buildings).


While busing campers to camp and from remains a possibility, we want families to be prepared for a drop-off/pick-up only policy for this summer. (*Campers who fly to camp will be contacted by our office to discuss our chaperoned airport protocol.) As soon as our finalized plan is set, we will send out specific information so that families can prepare accordingly.

Visiting Day

In order to keep our Bubble secure, at this point in time, we have decided to eliminate Visiting Day for 2021. In lieu of an in person visiting day, we will provide additional opportunities for you to “virtually” connect with your child and meet their counselors and leadership staff.

Off-Camp Trips / Intercamp Games

There will not be any off-ground trips or intercamp games this summer. 

Behind the Scenes

While so many visible new practices will be in place, rest assured that there are countless additional precautions and procedures happening behind the scenes. Some of these include the installation of outdoor activity tents, touchless water dispensers around camp, daily cabin temperature checks, additional deep cleans and sanitization of cabin bathrooms, potential randomized cabin batch testing, etc. 

What if my child tests positive right before camp or at arrival?

If your child tests positive in the weeks leading up to camp, they will be required to quarantine at home for the necessary 10-14 days. Once cleared by both their home and our camp doctors, your camper is eligible to come to camp. We will gladly work with your family to create a plan for a safe, late arrival into camp. 

What if my child tests positive for covid while at camp?

If a child tests positive while at camp, we will isolate that individual in our satellite health center until a parent/guardian is available to pick up their child within 24 hours. We will of course help to make arrangements with the camper’s family for a safe and comfortable transport home. Once cleared by both their home and our camp doctors, your camper is eligible to return to camp.

What if there is a positive case of covid in my child’s cabin?

Our policy, which is subject to change per CDC guidelines, is outlined below:

  • Immediately isolate the camper who tests positive
  • Test and screen every person in the pod
  • Thoroughly clean and disinfect the entire cabin and any other areas of use
  • Separate the pod from the rest of camp (dining, activities, etc. for 72 hours)
  • Begin twice-daily screenings of the pod (temperature checks and symptom screening)
  • REPEAT testing of the pod 72 hours after the first test
  • Continue daily temperature and symptom screening
  • Continual communication with all families of affected campers
What to expect next?

The following is a tentative information rollout timeline to help you prepare for camp.

  • Camper Forms live on the parent dashboard 
  • Camp Spot Clothing Website will be live (our official clothing outfitter)
  • 2021 Packing List posted
  • Parent Handbook released 
  • Spring 2021 Between the Pines released
  • New camper Zooms
  • Camper Forms due 
  • Final COVID Protocol Manual released