2019 Dates + Tuition


Camp Dates

June 22 – July 26

Visiting Day – July 13



We aim to keep the total camp experience as simple and transparent as possible for our families.  Please see Dates + Tuition FAQs below for more detailed information.

  • All campers start and finish the five-week session together.  In 2019, this session begins Saturday, June 22 and ends Friday, July 26.
  • Tuition of $7700 is all-inclusive; we don’t charge extra for out-of-camp trips, camper canteen, laundry, etc.  Tuition also includes camper transportation on Opening and Closing Day – this covers camp buses from New York City and Philadelphia, as well as transportation to and from at all NYC-area airports


Why five weeks?

Pocono Springs’ unique 5-week program was created to provide families with what they’ve been asking for: a full-season camp experience where campers thrive, while still leaving time for family activities, specialty camps, and other summer fun outside of camp. Pocono Springs is a family of our own, and we recognize and value the need for flexibility, and the importance of family and leisure time over the summer.

Why are there no two-week or three-week options?

Pocono Springs runs one five-week session for all campers.  The best camp experiences happen over time, and five weeks allows campers ample time to get into their own rhythm at camp, grow in the skills they are developing, and form friendships and memories to last a lifetime.  Additionally, when all campers start and finish together, cabin dynamics flourish.  At Pocono Springs, we don’t have campers coming in to cabins that have already been established, and we don’t have campers who make a best friend, and then they leave.  Every camper starts and finishes on the same day and gets the same full-season experience.

Do you have a Visiting Day?

Yes, we do have a Visiting Day. In 2019, this day is Saturday, July 13th.  Visiting Day is a wonderful time for parents and campers alike as we have our activities open for campers to show what they have learned throughout the summer.  We serve a terrific lunch for everyone and encourage families to meet one another.  Parents will have the opportunity to meet our amazing staff, and it is also a great day for siblings to see camp in action and get excited to join the PSC family in future summers.   This day has been designed with careful consideration to ensure the most successful summers possible for our campers. Please feel free to give us a call if you would like to know more about Visiting Day.

What is the cancellation policy?

We offer a full refund for 30 days after registration is complete.

Are there any extra costs while my camper is at camp?

The only additional cost at camp would be for campers who want to participate in the Advanced Golf program. In this program, campers have the opportunity to play 9 holes at a local golf course. Please feel free to give us a call if you would like to know more about this program.

What about a camp uniform?

Pocono Springs is not a uniform camp. We maintain a simple, down-to-earth environment without an emphasis on clothing. Clothing should be casual and comfortable. Camp families are required to purchase a modest amount of Pocono Springs logo’d clothing to be worn for out-of-camp trips and intercamp sporting events.

Will my camper need spending money?

For special trips off camp, campers may want to have a small amount of spending money for snacks or souvenirs.   Our suggestion is $30-50 per camper.  Unused funds are sent home at the end of camp.

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