Why 5 Weeks?

Pocono Springs Camp prides itself in holding the unique distinction of America’s only traditional 5-week summer camp. Today, more than ever, we understand the value in allowing families to provide their children with a full-season summer camp experience, while also having the flexibility for family activities, specialty camps, and other summer fun outside of camp. Additionally, our program accommodates nearly every school system, so it fits into summer schedules for more campers than ever from all areas of the country and the world.

Five weeks is the perfect length of time for campers to get the best that camp has to offer out of their summer. Campers can explore many new activities, while having the time to invest in developing new skills or improving upon old ones. Five weeks also allows time for large camp events such as Tribals, our version of Color War, sporting events, theater shows and more!

Most importantly, every camper at Pocono Springs is part of our full five week program. This allows us to establish a truly cohesive camp community, focused on positive cabin dynamics, intentional relationship building and creating friendships that last a lifetime!