Sample Schedule

The unique five-week program at Pocono Springs is designed to help campers build confidence, take on healthy challenges, learn new skills, and develop lifelong friendships, all while having the time of their lives! Our structured program offers both group and individually selected activities, which gives campers the best of both worlds, and the opportunity to try everything Pocono Springs has to offer. On a typical day at camp, campers attend group-centered activities with their cabins in the morning. In the afternoon, campers participate in electives to focus on activities they love most, or to try something they’ve never done before.

Sample Day

Time Activity
7:30 AM Wake Up
8:00 AM Breakfast
8:30 AM Clean Up
9:05 AM Morning Cove
9:40 AM 1st Period (Cabin Programming)
10:40 AM 2nd Period (Cabin Programming)
11:40 AM 3rd Period (Cabin Programming)
12:35 PM Lunch
1:05 PM Rest Hour
2:00 PM 4th Period (Elective)
3:00 PM 5th Period (Elective)
3:50 PM Snack
4:00 PM Daily Choice (Elective)
5:00 PM Cabin Time
5:50 PM Evening Cove
6:15 PM Dinner
6:45 PM Eventide (Rec Time)
7:15 PM Evening Program
9:45 PM Lights Out